We're possibly looking at forking the TechTribes.je source code https://github.com/techtribesje/techtribesje to provide a central repo for Collaborate related activities. I know the addition of "active alerting" via email (or other methods) was discussed based on subscription to activity under a given "tag" but I'm not sure how much additional work we'd be looking at. If you'd be interested in helping out on this aspect of the project then wade in below.

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  1. Matt Chatterley 30th May 2014 at 11:24

    Si and I were discussing this yesterday and we were thinking it might be worth a little bit more group discussion – possibly setting up a team who will take on the idea of building an “aggregator” for all creative sources (e.g. wider remit than TT).

    We also ummed and ahhed a bit as to whether forking TechTribes is the right thing to do, or if we run too big a risk of just ending up with a site that’s called something else (e.g. stuff.collaborate.je) but has the same information in it?

    • Rob 30th May 2014 at 11:41

      I suppose it depends on to what degree the sources for the content would be shared between the two sites.

      Also what level of additional functionality would be added by the new aggregator (regardless of the code base).

      Aggregating content, tagging and displaying isn’t a massively hard problem (famous last words) and if the TT source doesn’t fulfil the majority of the requirements for a multi discipline aggregator then starting over wouldn’t be the worst idea in the world – especially as the TT code would give some useful insights into the kind of content already being aggregated from across the tech community and could potentially feed in directly.

      • Matt Chatterley 30th May 2014 at 11:43

        ^^ Which is a good summary of what Si I said yesterday – I’m going to nudge the FB groups again to try and get people over here and hopefully we can get a group together who will take this on as part of collaborate!

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