A fresh look for collaborate.je

Hello, collaborators!

Since our original idea of having a social style theme wasn’t really working (there are already lots of places where that sort of engagement can take place), I’ve taken the decision to move in a slightly different direction.

Right now, collaborate is set up to be more of a blog – if you’d like to make a post about a topic which is relevant to Jersey’s creative/technical/digital community, then please get in touch and we’ll set you up with an account – I’d love to see those who don’t have (or don’t want to use) their own blogs post here when appropriate.

I’ll be doing my part to move some of my blogging here – for example my recent ‘stream of conciousness’ series would have sat better here than at Mattched IT.

The Mad Hatter workshops will continue on the last friday of every month – next session will be on Friday 29th August 2014 and I will write them up here (July write up coming very soon; I’ve got notes!).

In addition I want to organise a facility for “people with projects” to get together with “people who want to work on projects” and begin creating a part of our community who generate and publish open source – but there are a few conversations to happen first so as to be inclusive of existing efforts.

That’s all for now. Would love to see some of you blog – and hope to see lots of you on the 29th!



By Matt Chatterley

Matt is a Software Developer / Architect (and an aspiring Author and Speaker, too).

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