Dear Hackathoners and Supporters.. Thank you!

As I sit (not unusually) here in the Digital Jersey Hub reflecting on the past weekend, there is one thing which I need to say to many of you: Thank You!

To all those of you who attended our Hackathon and supported us in various ways (which include our wonderful sponsors, dog walkers, masseuse and more), thank you for making an event which at one time we had to convince people could work – into an even bigger success than we could have predicted.

Ultimately, approximately 40 of you turned up and worked on projects, which included a number of bus-orientated applications, a modernised “dead man’s handle” and some interesting public data analysis projects. A full press release from Digital Jersey is coming soon listing the projects and prize winners – and I will publish that here too.

However, in the wake of the event I wanted to touch base with you all quickly and outline some of the key points in terms of how we would like to carry this forwards:

  • We are planning to organise more Hackathons. Your feedback and input will always be greatly appreciated.
  • We’d like to publish a profile of each team and their application here on – please get in touch so that we can organise this (I will come and nag you if you don’t) – we’d also like to collate links to your source repositories (if open source), etc.
  • Ultimately, we’d like to arrange for all apps to be developed further. If you’re happy to do this in your teams, great, but if you’d like to find new members or even hand over to a new team, we’ll help you to arrange it.
  • You can post your photos, videos and anything else you collected during the event, here: – please let us have everything so we can publish some awesome galleries!

And if you’d like a #hackjsy T-Shirt (or didn’t get one during the event), we might just have a few spares!

By Matt Chatterley

Matt is a Software Developer / Architect (and an aspiring Author and Speaker, too).

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