#hackjsy Profile: Team API

Now that #hackjsy is over and while the dust settles, I will be posting a series of profiles outlining the teams who took park, what they built – and how you can see (or even join in with maintaining) the results.

“Team API” were responsible for processing the data received from Liberty Bus (both static and real-time) and making it available to the other participants in the Hackathon. Although we had originally hoped to get a head-start on this, far more of the work than we would have liked took place at the actual event, however happily, the other teams coped with this very well!

Who are they?

From left to right in the image above (which was taken near the end of #hackjsy, so please excuse us if our grip on the plot appears tenuous), we were:

Matt Chatterley – co-organiser of #hackjsy, programmer & database enthusiast and the driving force behind collaborate.je.

Rob Dudley – 30+ startup junkie, coffee snob, cloud enthusiast & full time web geek. Co-organiser of #hackjsy, “Techtriber”, Jersey Coders Mentor and Race Nation Co Founder.

Ian Rothwell – Freelance software developer & data wrangler based in Guernsey. Co-organiser of the Beer Code Design tech group.

PS. A massive thank-you goes out to Ian who not only jumped in at the last minute and took on most of the work of sorting out the static bus data, but who is also staying involved with the project and hopefully helping us to make sure as much of the work as possible can be re-used in Guernsey.

What did they make?

Although work had technically been done in advance, we worked to produce an API which provides access to the ‘Real Time’ bus data, as well as the ‘Static’ timetable data. We also provided exports of some of this data to the teams in various formats (for which we should probably apologise, since at some points, it was pretty horrible to work with!).

Where can I see it?

You can learn more about the data.je project, which includes the LibertyBus data at http://www.data.je/. Our policy is also to publish all related code on GitHub, here: https://github.com/dataje/.

Admittedly it’s probably of limited interest unless you are a techie yourself!

And what does the future hold?

Team API, amongst others, will be pushing forward the API produced and concentrating on creating a clean database structure for the static data, so that we can build a set of generic import processes – theoretically making it possible for the apps produced by the other teams to be used with information from any Bus company around the world, as long as the necessary data is available and can be transformed into our format(s).

If you’re interested in getting involved with data.je, would like to use the Bus API, or have any questions, then please get in touch.


By Matt Chatterley

Matt is a Software Developer / Architect (and an aspiring Author and Speaker, too).

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