#hackjsy profile: Team ‘BusMeThere Jersey’

Team ‘BusMeThere’ were the winners of our ‘Best Technical’ award at the end of #hackjsy – partly because during the early stages of the Hackathon, while we were still wrestling with some of the bus data and wrangling it into a more manageable shape, they built their own back-end instead!

Who are they?

Alejandro Caballero – Software developer trained and educated in Tenerife passionate about technology, challenges and good music. Currently working at Jersey with a professional interests which go through agile development, scalability, and clean code.

Alex Taylor – Currently an IT business degree student for Highlands College. I currently work with Groovy, a Java based language, with the Grails framework. I have an ambition for technology and software development, with a passion for Diet Coke, so I hope to get really involved with the Technology industry.

Chris Faria – software developer, working with Groovy and Grails at Jersey-based software company. Avid drinker of Jack Daniels and devourer of curries, with a keen interest in technology, football, music, gaming and software development.

Juan Barroso – Software developer in J2EE environments. Faithful follower of test driven development (TDD), continuous integration (CI), clean code, agile methodologies and agile practices. Currently works as team lead in a Jersey-based software company developing solutions based on Groovy.

Juanjo Coello – full-stack developer, previously working in Barcelona and Tenerife, now located at Jersey fighting against the JVM; losing the battle so far. Mainly interested in technology, productivity and rum, not particularly in that order either.

What did they make?

They produced a mobile phone application for browsing the bus timetable specifically by route, showing all active buses around the island. Part of the plan was to include a message board functionality would be available for regular users to provide real-time updates at each bus stop.

Where can I see it?

BusMeThere is freely available on GitHub.

The App: https://github.com/jjcoellov/busmethere-app

The Back-End: https://github.com/jjcoellov/busmethere-backend

An APK for Android: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3916170/ionicapp-debug.apk

And what does the future hold?

Unfortunately the team don’t really have the time to continue with the project or actively maintain the code, but they’d love to see someone else pick it up and take it forward – and might be available to collaborate if that is the case. They’d be keep to see the features extended/completed and performance improved.

The app is functional as is – and they’re using it themselves!

By Matt Chatterley

Matt is a Software Developer / Architect (and an aspiring Author and Speaker, too).

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