An Open Source “Open Day”?

As many of you may already know, part of my agenda for is to promote the creation (and release) of Open Source software by Jersey creatives, developers and enthusiasts. At the recent Digital Jersey unConference, this lead to an interesting chat with a friend of mine by the name of Fenby, who I will describe for the moment as being an open source enthusiast (and a believer that for many people, it offers a viable – beneficial – replacement to traditional desktop solutions).

Following on from this initial chat and in collaboration with Digital Jersey, we are looking into setting up a one (or possibly two) day event in the style of a ‘Trade Show’, based around the subject of Open Source. We would be looking for interested parties to come along and set up small stands to advocate their favourite open technologies, to lead talks and workshops and give tech demos – and generally to help us raise awareness of some of the Open Source out there – both for techies and for consumers.

Our contacts have also suggested some potentially exciting keynote speakers, however, before we go any further, there are two questions I’d like to ask you all:

Would you be interested in exhibiting or speaking at an Open Source event like this?

Would you be interested in attending this sort of event as a consumer or business representative?

In either case – what would you like to see?

Please get in touch – either through the comments below, or directly on – we are looking to start planning an event for next year, but are keen to collect input from the community first.

By Matt Chatterley

Matt is a Software Developer / Architect (and an aspiring Author and Speaker, too).