Global Entrepreneurship Week in Jersey

Did you know that Global Entrepreneurship Week runs from the 17th to the 23rd of November this year?

Given everything which has taken place in Jersey over the past year (and more) in terms of inspiring and encouraging entrepreneurship and looking at expanding the contribution which Digital/Creative endeavours make to our economy, it seemed a shame not to do something to mark this date in the calendar.

So let’s get together at the Digital Jersey Hub, on Friday the 21st, between 11am and 2pm (drop in any time you like, drop out as and when you need to). We’ll hold an informal workshop (or workshops) open to anyone who is Digital, Creative, Entrepreneurial or has an interest in any or all of the above.

The theme: Bring a problem / Solve a problem

Do you have a technical, business, community or creative problem that you’d like to discuss with a group of peers who are interested in helping each other? Would you like to contribute some suggestions or give your opinion to someone who is stuck?

What better way to encourage our local entrepreneurial spirit?

Please share this with your friends, colleagues and contacts, and sign up here: (please do sign up so we have visibility of numbers).

By Matt Chatterley

Matt is a Software Developer / Architect (and an aspiring Author and Speaker, too).

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