#hackjsy profile: Team ‘Omnibus’

Winners of the ‘Best Creative’ (because they styled their whole app from scratch and it looked.. well.. purty), Team ‘Omnibus’ produced the app which I’d say was my personal favourite – but you can try it for yourself (more or less)!

Who are they?

Rui Figueiredo – a software developer preferring the .NET platform, a cloud enthusiast who embraces entrepreneurship and an aspiring photographer and squash player.

Charchris Sloan – Is currently a student at University who said: “Working on the project was great fun! It certainly has scope for the tourist industry in Jersey. I’d like to work further on the destinations aspect of the application, so tourists can navigate to popular destinations easier. I’m away for uni, but if the other guys want to work on it, I’m happy to participate!”

Robbie Andrews (@bearpig) – Coffee fanatical frontend UX/UI developer & lover of building things in better, quicker, faster ways. Always one to pull apart something to see how it ticks and then rebuild it with less parts.

My day job is a bridge between crazy creative brains & talented technical builders, whilst also working for several startups. Also have a [un]healthy obsession with crypto currency.

Si Harrison – Self-taught web-developer currently working for feelunique.com as the Frontend Web Development Team Leader but moving on to new opportunities from January. In the new year I intend to continue working on Omnibus – together with anyone who is interested in getting involved – in between other projects.

What did they make?

Omnibus (due to be renamed soon), which is a responsive web application intended primarily for mobile use. It allows users to find the bus stops nearest them and view approaching buses (as well as the next timetabled services), but also – excitingly – allows the user to pick a popular destination and will then provide them with details on how to get there from their current location (this bit didn’t quite get finished, but the team are keen to get it ready soon).

Where can I see it?

Omnibus is currently online at: http://dev.hypertexture.net/

The source code is up on GitHub here: https://github.com/cts12/jersey-bus-tourism

And what does the future hold?

Omnibus will definitely continue (although under a new name). It will hopefully be available via Google Play and iTunes in due course – as well as on the web. The aim is to produce an app which is useful to both locals (effectively replacing the need for ‘text my bus’ and paper timetables) as well as tourists (helping them get to popular destinations).

By Matt Chatterley

Matt is a Software Developer / Architect (and an aspiring Author and Speaker, too).

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