Open Source Day – Weds 11th Feb 2015


In association with Digital Jersey and sponsored by E-scape, we are delighted to announce that we will be holding the first “Open Source Day” at the Digital Jersey Hub from 10am to 4pm on Wednesday 11th February 2015.

The day will include a mixture of Workshops and Exhibits, along with a keynote between 12pm and 2pm (light lunch will be provided), making it possible to attend the morning or afternoon session and still catch the keynote – or you could even spend the whole day talking Open Source.


The keynote will be led by Graham Morrison, Editor and Co-founder of Linux Voice magazine, with a follow-up talk by Simon Brown, Software Architect and Evangelist.

graham_morrisonGraham Morrison is editor and co-founder of Linux Voice, a monthly Linux and open source magazine successfully crowdfunded at the end of 2013. He’s also the former editor of Linux Format, where he worked for nine years after starting out as its staff writer in 2004. His involvement in open source stems from the late 1990s, when he developed a popular photo management tool, and he has since written and talked about almost every conceivable Linux project and technology, through print, online and a long running podcast.

DCIM100GOPROSimon Brown is an independent consultant and helps organisations to build better software by adopting a lightweight, pragmatic approach to software architecture. He is the creator of the C4 software architecture model and the author of Software Architecture for Developers – a developer-friendly guide to software architecture, technical leadership and the balance with agility. Simon regularly speaks at software development conferences around the world and, in 2013, he won the IEEE Software sponsored SATURN 2013 “Architecture in Practice” Presentation Award for his presentation about the conflict between agile and architecture.



10am – “A+ HTTPS” on Ubuntu – Tom Brossman

11am – Exploiting Buffers Overflows – Paul Dulot, CIIFS

  • Buffer overflows are so 1990’s right? Think again, they still exist today in software and are still relevant. Do you know how one can be exploited?
  • The lecture will showcase how Open Source tools can be used to develop an exploit against a buffer overflow condition in software which ultimately leads to full remote code execution and compromise. Come see how a basic fuzzer can be implemented in python and learn how a debugger can be used to analyse the crash and turn it into an exploit with a little bit of Metasploit!

2pm – World Wide Web Domination with WordPress – Rob Dudley, TechTribes

3pm – A journey in resilience and scalability – Jason Stratford, E-Scape

  • Looking at what it takes to build a platform to cope with everything going according to the grand plan, explosion not implosion.



  • A demonstration of the Linux Operating System – Jerry Mattsson (TimeHole Consultancy & Software)
  • GCompris – Philip Morris (NorthQuay IT)
    Gcompris, possibly, the world’s most used children’s educational package that hardly anyone has heard of 🙂  Now for Android as well as PC, Linux and Mac.
  • Asterisk – Philip Morris (NorthQuay IT)
    A demonstration of running a fully working, internal IP phone system on a Raspberry Pi
  • Portable Apps – Phill Rogers (TechColab Ltd)
    A software collection which shows how open source enables the creation of something new, which is greater than the sum of it’s parts.
  • Desktop Applications & Alternatives – Fenby Miskin
    Using Microsoft Windows and Open Source Software – how it can work for you.
  • OpenDNS Family Shield – Tom Brossman
    A practical demonstration of using the OpenDNS Family Shield system with routers provided by Sure, JT and yTel. See more:

For more information, or to register, please visit:

By Matt Chatterley

Matt is a Software Developer / Architect (and an aspiring Author and Speaker, too).

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