Tools & Software

An Open Source “Open Day”?

As many of you may already know, part of my agenda for is to promote the creation (and release) of Open Source software by Jersey creatives, developers and enthusiasts. At the recent Digital Jersey unConference, this lead to an interesting chat with […]

We're possibly looking at forking the source code to provide a central repo for Collaborate related activities. I know the addition of "active alerting" via email (or other methods) was discussed based on subscription to activity under a given "tag" but I'm not sure how much additional work we'd be looking at. If you'd be interested in helping out on this aspect of the project then wade in below.

Building – Your ideas

During our initial meeting there was some discussion as to what people would like to see become in terms of it’s online presence. We agreed there was definitely a need for a ‘broader’ version of an aggregator like TechTribes – […]