What is collaborate.je?

Created in the wake of Island Innovators 2014, collaborate.je is a community driven group with the primary aims of encouraging collaboration within the creative community in Jersey and encouraging the development of a collaborative creative eco-system.

While a number of groups already exist in the island with various laudable aims, and we are fortunate enough to have a number of other bodies such as Digital Jersey who are working hard on different agendas, these initiatives are disparate at times and beneath the surface, collaboration (even in narrower circles, such as our tech industry) can sometimes be thin on the ground.

So, here we are – hoping to instigate in some small way a culture change which will lead to a far reaching, outward looking approach in not only our tech businesses, but creative community as a whole, helping us to all work together and to achieve more than we could alone.

Collaborate.je is also proud to be responsible for organising the HackJsy Hackathons and other events. For more information on these, see our Friday Night Club and the main HackJsy website.